Minjerriba Respite Centre commenced providing services to all home and community care eligible residents and visitors to North Stradbroke Island in 1994.

Minjerriba Respite Centre aims to provide clients and carers with a co-ordinated, flexible, timely service. Our centre provides services to suit clients and their family and assist enhancing lifestyle and independence.

Minjerriba Respite Centre services are available to all home and community care eligible: 

  • Residents of North Stradbroke Island
  • Visitors to North Stradbroke Island
  • Carers of residents and visitors
  • Younger disabled persons
  • Persons with dementia
  • Veterans affairs clients

The Services we provide include:

  • Centre based respite care
  • Domestic assistance
  • Personal care and grooming
  • Meals on wheels
  • Transport
  • Carer support
  • Carer information/advocacy
  • Day outings
  • Allied health referrals transport
  • Home Maintenance (Lawn Mowing)
  • Shopping


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